Where Tonight? Dverse Poetics 27th Feb

Silhouettes in  green fog

Now a white hot beam

draws all wavering thoughts behind genders

toward a radiant magnet in the centre


Twinkle in an eye

Nows occupies space

Flesh, Blood and Pulse Bestows Curiosity

to all and sundry

Dancing down Words





Fanta Naranja sundown (dverse open link 22nd Feb


High Rise blocks surround me

Chemical evening sundowns

Chica’s y Chicos voices Crack


Where is the stillness and quietness

Romance and sensuality

somewhere up there

in the apartments

how many old lovers

who remember Franco

feel the pull to each other

to the rhythmical radio


Ancestral docks churned out

confidence hands down

into my eyes, look, and ‘ll stare back


Wildness was in our fathers

north and south

wars been everywhere…la guerra

Hold your gaze Giddy

not from here are you

swish my hair..


If you know what you want before i have to ask?

your welcome all night to everything.

Don’t be humble, stumble through even if your wrong

maybe not make that mistake next time

come and get what your after.

Que Quieres,

Aqui,            Ahora



1997 Grey school day

A rectangular field dips and then rises over towards granite mountains

Flanked by Passing cars. the Air is Sharp.

The ground sags under collected rain and ploughs

Inside the Classroom arse shuffles on a grey plastic seat

Time moves to end the schoolday

see through single glass panes to outside.

Density, Pressure, A couldron of static vapour appears silver from an invisible place. a face forms and moves about, swells, is guided and played, exhudes macarbe rock formations and grimaces, glimpses historical tribes.

Before was a cold bright halogen diesel traffic swish, human eyes passed on nothing but fields.

This swelling ballon morphs, clings to trees, changes shape for half a mile

Who Inside

Another kingdom where hot sun blazes down on hewn head stones, climbing ivy

Swim through the fog, to find the world behind

Horses exhale, Chariot wheels on stone, Urgency, Expediency, Fearlessness

Some Symbols Cast in Iron, some god glimpsedFB_20161216_11_22_17_Saved_Picture and gone, behind a heavy dark curtain.

Run through the fog on the way home

let the dew touch skin before it dissapears.


Pan blow out

Nature Minerals




Sunday Dreams

Rainy Italian Squares, Steel Capri Electrons

warmed and cooled again. Rustic stones

the smell of Vegetation Black unseen Pagan Ancestral Magic.

Churchbells develop into Chimes, Records Spin Indian Blue Indellible cloud of Ether Floats…The Silent Vibration Across the Road.

Glint in the radiance window, between houses and wood

Neon.Old green railings painted rusted leaves warp

Gas escapes. The vacum moves. tyres on wet roads, pressure

distant cars, purple heather

Yellow Obsidian Turmeric

The spectrum of all colours reflected


A girl looks from her window across the wood

the purity of all time moves in the tiny chamber of her heart

each moment

Rain falls on the broad canpoy of leaves, Wood Pigeons Coo

You Pass Through

To Cottage on Moor..